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Earth Tone Audio is a high quality audio production service located in Huntington, West Virginia specializing in making a big sound from an intimate setting.  Standard rates are listed below.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

STUDIO TIME: $45 per hour (Engineer incl.)

There is a flat rate of $45 an hour for tracking.  Additional fees may apply for travel or recording at off-site locations.  There is a $50 cancelation fee for sessions where 24 hour notice of cancelation is not given.

MIXING: $100 per song

This fee is for mixing services only.  Mixing is reduced to a rate of $50 a song for projects that are tracked by Earth Tone Audio.  There is a $25 fee for any requested recalls of mixes.  Dropbox is the preferred medium for transferring stems for mixdown.  Please contact us to inquire about different methods of transfer.  Paypal is accepted.

MASTERING: $35 per song

This fee is for mastering services only.  Mastering is included free of charge with projects recorded by Earth Tone Audio.​  Dropbox is the preferred medium for file transfer and paypal is accepted.

          (up to one hour)

These are multitrack recordings of the performance that are mixed and mastered.  


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